Semicopia logo


WKU logo

WMG (Warner Music Group)

WMG logo (Warner Music Group)

Royal Canin

Royal Canin logo, logotipo


Ibercaja logo, logotipo


Bankia logo, logotipo


Kutxabank logo, logotipo


Openbank logo, logotipo

Banca Etica

Banca Etica logo, logotipo

Banco Popular

Banco Popular logo, logotipo

Banca March

Banca March logo, logotipo

Banco Sabadell (Bank)

Banco Sabadell logo, logotipo (Bank)

Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank logo

BankWijzer (Bank Wijzer)

BankWijzer logo, logotipo (Bank Wijzer)


NRW.Bank logo, logotipo

Grindrod Bank

Grindrod Bank logo, logotype

SBS Bank

SBS Bank logo, logotipo


VKB-Bank logo, logotype

Tangerine Bank

Tangerine Bank logo, logotype

KleinBank (Klein Bank)

KleinBank logo, logotipo (Klein Bank)

North Texas Food Bank

North Texas Food Bank logo, logotype

Fleetwood Bank

Fleetwood Bank logo, logotype

Marine Bank

Marine Bank logo, logotype

Migros Bank

Migros Bank logo, logotype

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